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China – MGM Cotai excited by the launch of ‘unparalleled’ Mansion

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MGM Resorts has said that the launch of The Mansion at its MGM Cotai resort in Macau will be critical to the company’s VIP business from China.

The Mansion, which provides an exclusive, luxury villa for VIP guests and has already proved successful at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, will open half way through 2018 despite the property as a whole scheduled to open at the end of January.

MGM China CEO and Executive Director Grant Bowie said: ““We believe The Mansion will have a significant competitive advantage in the VIP business. We’ve spent a long time developing, designing, creating and programming a property that would be unique to Macau and certainly unique to the hospitality market.

“Based on the construction program, we’re looking to get The Mansion online before the middle of the year,” he added. “Bringing on the junket and The Mansion and ramping up the VIP all needs to come together because we’ve got to be up to service that customers at the level demand. We know what we want to create and we know the impression we’re going to create with The Mansion.”

“We’ve worked hard to deliver on a promise that we’ve made to the government to create an entertainment destination that’s unparalleled. And I think when you see it you’ll feel that we delivered on that promise of entertainment, of food and beverage, of retail, that’s uniquely Chinese, uniquely Macanese, and embodies the idea of MGM as an entertainment company.”

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