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France – BetWin to be tested at Partouche casino in Saint Amand les Eaux

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Gozero Games, a French casino game manufacturer, is launching a game called BetWin, at the Partouche casino in St Amand-les-Eaux.

The aim for the player is to have his card included between the two cards of the dealer. His card must be greater to or equal to the lowest card of the dealer.

Yannick Rodriguez, Deputy Director of Gozero Games said that the game wasn’t just another variant of poker or blackjack. “These games already have many variants or side bets (Ultimate poker, 3-card poker, Lucky Ladies, Super Jack, 21 + 3, etc.),” he explained. “Casinos are continually looking for new games to satisfy their customers. We want to bring them a range of original games that will extend their offer.”

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