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Tonga – Tonga Government tells Red Warrior that casinos remain ‘prohibited’

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Confusion reigns in the Polynesian sovereign state of Tonga over whether the government has issued its first gaming licence or not.

Red Warrior Entertainment, the ‘world’s first, private, Native American-owned international casino company’ issued a press release saying it had been granted a license from the Government of Tonga.
The Exclusive National Master Gaming License would be the first of its kind issued from Tonga and covers all Class I, II & III Gaming.

A Class III gaming licence would permit the holder to run horse racing, lotteries and casino games, such as baccarat and blackjack, roulette, craps and slot machines.

However the Tongan government has since said the license issued to Red Warrior Entertainment (RWE) would not allow them to operate casino gaming or gambling in the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Customs and Revenue CEO Kulu ʻAnisi Bloomfield revealed the licence issued was for the foreign investor to build a hotel and an ‘airport facility.’

He said the license ‘was approved on tourism grounds and casino gaming is prohibited in Tonga.’
Tonga’s Chief Secretary and Secretary to Cabinet Dr Palenitina Langa’oi confirmed that the cabinet ‘did not pass any resolution to allow the Red Warrior Entertainment to build a casino facility in Tonga.’
In its press release, Dr. Ronald D. Pate, Chickasaw, Principal of the Company and Chief Executive Officer of Red Warrior Entertainment, said: “Red Warrior Entertainment, LLC continues to improve its Casino Resort government licenses in multiple nations. The licence has created optimistic financing opportunities. Red Warrior’s growth in branded Casino Resorts is balanced against its emerging growth in Casino Management Service opportunities. It is remarkable to note Red Warrior Entertainment’s license holding improvement in its Gaming division during the first quarter of 2017. Red Warrior is nearly finished rolling out several strategic business efforts in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Africa, Asia, and The Mediterranean.”

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