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Trinidad and Tobago – Multitech sues Trinidad operator over non-payment

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An explosive federal lawsuit filed by a Miami-based manufacturer of casino equipment has sent shockwaves through the Caribbean’s prized casino industry.

The lawsuit, filed by Cueto Law Group, seeks millions in damages. The suit alleges that Sunny Group of Companies, one of the largest casino operators in the region, failed to pay for specialty gambling equipment it ordered from Multitech Games USA Inc.

The suit alleges that John Wallis and Sherry Persad arranged for Ms. Persad to travel to Miami, FL with counterfeit bank checks in a ruse to show that it intended to pay the outstanding gambling equipment debt. The scheme collapsed after Multitech’s president discovered the fraud. In a court filing, the Trinidad-based Sunny Group did not deny the charges.

International business attorney Santiago Cueto of Cueto International Law Group was retained to handle the lawsuit. Cueto described the scheme as one of the most brazen he has ever seen: “[T]o come to the United States and walk past US Customs and Border Patrol with undeclared counterfeit checks like this casino executive did was the ultimate gamble. The risk they took in clearing customs without being caught was absolutely reckless. Fortunately, my client uncovered the scheme and will prosecute the lawsuit to the fullest extent of the law.”

While the original suit named only Sunny Group of Companies, Multitech has expanded the lawsuit to join all of the Sunny Group entities including naming John Wallis and Sherry Persad individually.

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